About Us

We are an Anodizing facility located in North Las Vegas offering Type II and Type III anodizing for a wide variety of items. As a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) facility, we specialize in Firearms and Military Hard Coat Plating. Our anodizing process incorporates a state of the art, Eco-Friendly facility operating a fully closed loop recycling system that recycles all our rinse waters through our own DI water treatment feeding back into our tanks. All of our treatment tanks are hooded and vented through custom fabricated ventilation hoods eliminating fumes throughout our facility. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of anodizing and have over 40 years of collective industry experience.

We are the only FFL anodizing facility in Nevada.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the best quality finish in the industry. We have assembled a state-of-the-art facility which is designed to be Eco- Friendly to help preserve our Great Nation. Our customers and social media decide the future of our company, with that, our goal is to provide the best customer service, quality, pricing and lead time.

Word travels fast, for this reason our team at Vegas Metal Finishing works hard to exceed our customer expectations and provide unparalleled service in a timely manner.

What we do

We finish your raw machined parts by plating them with either TY II Cosmetic Anodize or TY III Hard Coat Anodize.

There are various ways to calculate part pricing. A few of these methods utilize a multiplier x sq. inches, a per rack pricing, a minimum lot charge or a ballpark estimate. To ensure that you are receiving the most effective pricing based on your needs, the best way is to submit an RFQ so we can accurately provide you with a quote that can be easily transferred to a purchase order.

We pride ourselves in our quick lead time which currently averages 2 – 3 days from receipt of a purchase order and your parts. We also offer expedited service on as need basis for an additional fee. Please inform us of the delivery date you require and we will strive to meet that requirement or let you know upfront if we are unable to do so.

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